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Indianapolis Chimney Repair

Lathrop Contracting provides quality chimney repairs and masonry to in Indianapolis area. Chimney leaks and draughts aren’t just inconvenient—they can be signs of deeper problems. Loose or damaged flashing, cracked chimney crowns, and damaged masonry can cause serious damage to your roof and your home. If your chimney is in use it should be regularly cleaned and inspected, but even if your chimney isn’t used at all it should be inspected periodically for damage.

Chimney Repairs

For chimney repairs in the Indianapolis area, contact Lathrop Contracting today for an estimate. Call us at 317-427-6092 or contact us online. We can repair damages to the chimney itself, and also address any issues in the roofing around the chimney which may cause leaks or issues.

We are qualified roofing contractors, so we know how to find and fix the root causes of any chimney issues in your home or business.

 Why Lathrop Contracting?

Not only are we professional roofing contractors, we are also qualified in masonry. We specialize in all parts of a chimney repair and we are uniquely qualified to diagnose and repair chimney issues. I you're having issues with your chimney call Lathrop Contracting today at 317-783-6929 or contact us online today.

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